In medium- to deep waters the Oceanid™ represents a disruptiv method for efficient  installation- and recovery of ocean bottom seismic.

Multiple receiver-lines may be populated simultaneously, and nodes positioned with extreme accuracy in a full depth range. 

Data Quality


Upon accurate and safe landing the Oceanid™ corrects the vertical inclination before planting the seismic payload, for perfect seafloor coupling.


The split-electronics, comprising the low frequency sensors, is de-coupled mechanically to optimize sensitivity.


The Oceanid™ is not dependant on complex handling, but an automated onboarding complement the in-water efficiency when deploying a swarm.


Survey pattern can be of any size and form-factor, to include "variable density"- and irregular receiver grid, and avoid obstructed areas.


In Ancient Greek mythology the Oceanid™ - the sea nymphs who were the three thousand daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys. In our context, it represents a disruptive technology and the next generation OBN – ocean bottom node, an autonomous drop-node purely propelled by gravity and ballast shift only.


iDROP a/s was founded late 2016 aiming at commercialising and bring to market a system for cost-efficient ocean bottom data acquisition. An automatic Oceanid™-system also comprises a proprietary launch- and recovery system, incl. a unique inductive charging and data transfer, for retrieved subsea sensors, facilitating a short turnaround on deck, significantly reducing cost of current installation compared to competitors.


The Oceanid™ is directly contributing to solving the worldwide industrial and societal challenge of unlocking new resources in deep water by provide an effective means for large area exploring of the ocean floor. The proprietary Oceanid™-system consists of a scalable

swarm of disruptive and fully autonomous underwater vehicles [AUVs], with an Ocean Bottom Node – OBN fully integrated with a novel wireless power and data transmission

system. An inventive node-to-node underwater communication and navigation, will further enhance the inertia measurements and big data analysis, allowing extreme landing accuracy and 4D repeatability.


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