Swarm Positioning

To further enhance- and extend our OBN capacity, and data quality, a series of smaller projects is initiated to verify through testing alternative and complementary concepts. Both navigation, potinioning and communication is constantly under review, but also inwater logistics and GUI.

Serial Production

Overall CAPEX and node-cost is in deep decline as a function of engineering simplifications and preparing for volume production. Cylindrical- and symetric design result in fewer components but larger production series. Also assembly, service and maintenance is being under constant review as we gain practical experience, and the multi-disiplinary team is growing 

Digital Twin

Universities and PhD-students have been instrumental in developing the digital-twin, in tight colaboration with hydrodynamic institutes and industry leading manufacures of inertia sensors. The result is a constantly improving theoretical model allowing us to improve the manouvering capacity and positioning accuracy. 

Concept Development

As a concept a group of 8-10 parties were involved with the initial feasibility study and concept development. The overall shape, size and weight were boxed-in and attributes like controlsurfaces and ballast control added to the model. initially a large portfolio of sensors were considered but later a cost/use analysis shortlisted the required control system hardware.